Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visualising Research findings vomit knowledge

Research findings:

There are 3 main classifications as to why we avoid certain types of food (Rozin, 2005).
-Sensory attributes. We dislike foods based on their taste, smell, texture.
- Anticipated Consequences. The affect of eating the food actually makes us sick.
- Ideational reasons. The actual nature or origin of the food is disgusting. (A lot of meat depending on the person falls into this category. According to my questionnaires, people are really turned off from intenstines and animal guts.)

Supermarkets are almost always laid out in the same way and it is interesting to note that the freshest foods are located on the peripheries of the supermarket. e.g. fruit and veg, milk.
(Pollan I, 2008, In Defense of Food)

Also, just have discovered some of the work of Irving Penn, which although he took these photos decades ago, they are still quite powerful and provocative.

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